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During the year 1894, on invitation from the Kingdom of Nepal, the Dugar Family stepped in and reached out a supporting hand to help Nepal nurture her infant economy.

Since then the Dugar's have never looked back, moving from strength to strength. And today have carved out a proud niche for them in Agriculture, Hydropower, Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Import and Export Sector.

The Vision behind this highly successful legacy is Mr. Chandmal Dugar whose visionary entrepreneurship laid the foundation stone for the group. His son Lunkaran Dugar, added momentum to the business by starting the textile and agriculture business. The reigns was thereafter taken over by Tolaram Dugar and his brother Moti lal Dugar under whose able guidance the Group diversified from its traditional business of textile and Agriculture to Industrial Sector, Automotive Sector, Imports & Exports, Banking, Life Insurance, Hydropower and Mining.

Moti Lal Dugar, Chairman of MV Dugar Group, Sunrise Bank Ltd and Gurans Life Insurance Co. Ltd, is a third generation entrepreneur, who is an heir to 127-year-old business legacy of the Dugar Group. He never imagined a career beyond business. Dugar feels fortunate to be born in a business family and takes pride in the fact that his group tasted success in whatever business it ventured into. It takes a little more than a hint of luck to take an already established business house to the next level of success. MV Dugar sees the future of Nepal in areas like hydropower, tourism and agriculture. NASA Hydropower Pvt. Ltd, Pan Himalaya Energy Pvt. Ltd, Global Hydro Power Associate Pvt. Ltd and Numbur Himalaya Hydropower Pvt. Ltd have been established by the group for tapping into the hydropower potential in the country. He thinks hydropower has huge potential even though it is a capital-intensive sector. He says hydropower will define the future due to its environmental benefits and sustainability.

The Future will see MV DUGAR GROUP play an active role in utilizing the available resources in an efficient way and developing Nepal's substantial water resources so that Dugar can further the commitment his great grandfather made to help Nepal 127 years ago. The Group intends to propel its core business even further so that the Group is miles ahead of today's competitors and an era ahead of tomorrow competition.




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