Numbur Himalaya Hydropower (p) Ltd

General Informations

Project Name Likhu A Hydroelectric Project ( LAHEP)
Location longitudional and latitudes of the points bordering
Latitudes 27o 32' 02" N and 27o 34' 02" N
Longitudes 86o 21' 30"E and 86o 23' 05" E
Rural municipility Chaulakharka VDC and Goli VDC
Province Province-3

Power Plant

Type ROR
Design Discharge 24.1
Gross head(m) 148.85
Net head(m) 138.55
Rated capacity (MW) 29.04


River Likhu Khola
Catchment area at diversion site(Km2) 421
Design Discharge( m3/s) 24.1
Design flood at intake site 100 years ( m3/s) 402
Full reservoir level ( FSL) EL. 1451.00
Maximum water level ( MWL) EL.1453.75

Energy Generation

Install Capacity (MW) 29.04
Wet Seasion Energy( GWh) 126.86
Dry Engery(GWh) 23.57
Total Energy(GWh) 150.43